72,000 miles service update

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2 years 1 month ago #17388 by briant
72,000 miles service update was created by briant
Just had my 72,000 service (ASX 3 diesel).

When collecting I asked the receptionist “Any issues?” to which she replied “wipers may want replacing and there are two spots of corrosion underneath” but assured me these were not serious/urgent.

Returning home and examining the bill (now in possession of my glasses!) I find, for the first time (must be something new) a sheet containing red and amber warnings.

Red warning was regarding a split rear wiper. (I hadn’t noticed? Cost to fit £11.48
And Tyres – Tyre repair kit Expired
TechNote: 31 Jan 2015 Cost to replace £125.92

Amber warning - Wipers, front smearing
Exhaust – centre silencer corroded, rear silencer corroded
Engine oil leak – Tech Note: Front crankshaft and oil seal leaking, will require new oil seal and pully to rectify.

My own comments. I will replace the rear wiper at Halfords, probable front ones too when they give me a problem. I didn’t know the tyre repair kit had and expiry date, also why was I not told at last service in October? On line I learn that RAC sell tyre repair kits for £59.99 plus £3.99 postage and they do not have an expiry date not shelf life. They also say “The unique washable sealant allows you to get safely to a garage where it can be washed out and in most cases the tyre can be repaired, saving you from buying a new one.” That will do for me!

Not being technical I have to ask you fellow owners, having always considered an oil leak as something serious,– How serious is the amber warning regarding my leaking crankshaft requiring a new oil seal & pully to rectify and has anyone any idea what this lot will cost as it sounds expensive to me.

As a matter of interest to owners, I still have the original Dunlops on the rear and they have now done 45,000miles (I switch to winter tyres). With 5.5mm tread on the middle! The front Dunlops were replaced after 28,000 (severe outer wear, middle was OK)

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2 years 1 month ago #17396 by Three Diamonds
Replied by Three Diamonds on topic 72,000 miles service update
My neighbour and I were discussing oil leaks yesterday as he was rebuilding his Vespa scooter for the umpteenth time. The discussion was in relation to cars though, he has a VW Passat. We both commented how rare they seem to be now yet years ago it was almost the norm for British motorbikes and most cars! We discussed how gasket and seal technology has improved.

Is it pouring out? Is there a noticeable pool on the drive or on the garage floor? Probably not? Put a tray under the area when parked to see if anything collects. This will only indicate what is leaking as the car stands of course and not what may be coming out when the car is being driven. What are your oil levels like? Steady? No drop in level? Some oil leaks burn off with the engine heat so you never know they are there.

If the garage has not "seized" your car for immediate repair and income generation then clearly it cannot be that serious at the moment? Did you discuss it with them? Find out cost to repair from various outlets is my advice if you decide to proceed with repair.

I still carry a litre bottle of oil with me in the car. This is a throwback to my days of Vauxhall Viva and Mini ownership :lol:

All the best

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1 year 8 months ago #17901 by goonboy67
Replied by goonboy67 on topic 72,000 miles service update
my 2010 ASX came with mitsubishi 10 year powertrain warrenty

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